Monday, August 15, 2011

Need suggestions!

When we moved into the shack almost 4 years ago, we had to deal with a huge pile of stuff left behind by the previous owners.  They were divorcing and instead of hauling away everything, they left us with whatever neither of them wanted.  Amongst the car springs, tent poles and other metal things dumped over a bank there were 4 old metal bedframes, which I think are old hospital beds, (a few of the beds have rails).  I have been hanging onto the head and foot boards because I'm sure there is something amazing I will think of to do with them.  I've thought about 'planting' them in dirt and letting a climber grow up on them....but I have 8!  I also tried standing them up in a row like a fence, but that kinda looked silly.  I love their rustiness and really want to use them in some way.  Any ideas out there?

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