Monday, August 26, 2013

In The Red!

I have been painting up a storm here at the Shack!  And all in my favourite colour! Red!!
First up were the Adirondack chairs I've had for a few years and never painted, but have enjoyed immensely.  As well as the top of my 'deck table'.

Then, I did the window trims outside on the Shack.  They had been the same wood as the rest of the house, but I felt they needed to pop a bit more, so....

 So now the deck is all spiffied up!

Next, I headed over to the guest cabin and painted the 'shutters' and door...

Then back inside the Shack to tackle the basement stairs.  This is a project still in the works...

You can see in this next picture that the 'riser' still needs to be done.  It will be covered with bead board like the picture after this one.

Eventually, the bead board will be installed on all the risers and then I can get creative with what to put on them.  There are some pretty cool ideas to be found on the internet.  Here are a few I kinda fancy!

Full stairs

And my personal favourite...

Now, I'm off to find other things to paint In The Red!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Progress! Things Are Rocking!

After almost 6 years of living in the Shack, and 3 years of having had the product to do the job in the house... I FINALLY sealed the rock around the bathtub!  Yay for me!  It looks lovely and feels good to have it done.
I can't take credit for the actual rock work.  It was already in place, and is one of the many 'different' things we loved about the Shack when we bought it.  The tub is one thing we have all's huge!  Great for long, relaxing soaks.  But, the rocks had never been properly sealed and looked dull and kinda dusty.  It was one of those things you want to get done, plan to do, but keep putting off.  My opportunity arose this week, while the rest of the Shack dwellers are away doing various holiday type things with family.  It's just me and the critters at home at the Shack for the week, and I'm enjoying the time alone and have a list of things I plan to accomplish.
This was the first on the list!
Here's the product I picked up ages ago....
It went on very easily.  It was kinda like painting with water, only milky in colour.  I had to work quickly so it didn't all just run down the wall, and then used the brush to dab at the drips.  I did 2 coats, and still have tons left for any future projects. Clean up was a breeze.  Just wash it all with water!
You can see here how glossy it is.  This is the ledge at the front of the tub where the product was able to sit and not run off, so it got a bit more coverage than the rest.  I wanted the rock to look wet, and it sorta does.

One of the cool things about this rock is the fossils in it!  I think we've counted 7 in all.
 Now I need to finish the project up with a 'neat' application of silicone sealant around the edge of the tub.  The previous owners did apply a thick, gloppy, clear layer, which was rather disgusting. It was a chore to get off, but it's gone and now I can apply the almond coloured stuff I got.
 I have never been able to figure out the people who built the Shack.  They put a lot of thought and effort into certain  'artsy' aspects of the building.  Like the antique bottle bottoms used like bricks in the wall behind the woodstove upsatirs...

...or the beautiful railing made out of a tree trunk .
(This is upside down and on the wrong side of the stairway by the way...Temporarily here while the other wall is 'under construction'.)

I just can't understand having these wonderful, original ideas, using them, but not finishing the job 'right'.  So much of the work done on the Shack was messy or poorly done.  It's our biggest challenge-righting wrongs.
It has made this journey so much more difficult than we had first anticipated.  There are still tons of things we'd like to change in the Shack, and the to-do list never ends.  But money is always a factor, as well as skill and time.  Oh well...back to my list!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deer vs. Dog

This morning the Shack got off to a different kinda start.  I let the 2 dogs, Freddie and Zoey, out for their morning wander at 7am.  Just after that, Freddie started to bark, which is not unusual, but it was followed by the sound of dogs scrambling back up the steps! I looked out the window, and WHOA!!!  Three deer were right outside the front door, ready to take on the dogs!  Of course, I grabbed my camera while informing Trev and Zac of the situation.  Here is what followed....
After the 3 humans came on the scene, the deer retreated up the hill behind the Shack, but when Fred decided to bark at them, this one came right back down with a purpose!

Reinforcements arrived shortly after.

Game on!

No fear of us or the dogs!  She stood there for a few minutes, just to make sure Freddie got the message.

Our work is done here...back to breakfast.

Can deer give the 'evil eye'?

This one can!

On their way.
So, while this was an amazing experience, it has made us aware that Freddie will need to be more closely monitored in his excursions around the Shack property.  I really do not need to have my little guy deer stomped.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Freddie and the Burr Monster

You may remember Freddie... he was my 50th birthday gift (which was last year).  Freddie is a Bijon Frise X, and has become a wonderful addition to our family.  He loves to play, run and is a constant source of amusement around our house.  He has become Zoey's, (our Chocolate LabX), companion and little brother. It's hard to imagine our family without him!
When we got Freddie, I didn't really give much thought to 'dog maintenance'.  I figured he, as a long haired breed, would need to be brushed occasionally, but I never imagined what that long hair would attract!  Living in the bush, as we do, we are surrounded by all kinds of vegetation.  Amongst that vast assortment are thistles and other burr carrying types.  Freddie seems to have an up close and personal relationship with these.  His fur definitely attracts them.  

  Freddie has had to learn to patiently allow me to comb these nasty things out of his fur and put up with my tugging them out by hand.  The ones in these pictures are called Houndstongue and are small, flat, velcro-like burrs, which can get between Freddie's toes and cause a lot of discomfort. 
Along with burrs, Fred manages to pick up all kinds of passengers...twigs, cones, grass seeds....he's a walking weed!  But, he loves to be outdoors, chasing squirrels, hunting for chipmunks....and he has so much energy!  On the trapline last season, he refused to ride in the skimmer (the sled pulled behind the skidoo) and ran the whole 12km from our main cabin back to the truck in -43C temperatures!  Thankfully, no burrs in the snow, but he does accumulate snowballs if the temperature goes up and the snow becomes wet.  Then he looks like a snow monster!  
Freddie and Zoey have lots of adventures together and with our family and love to be with us.  Recently, Freddie has gotten into some trouble while we've been out and I'm thinking we need to kennel him when we have to leave the dogs home alone.  Zac and I returned from a trip to the dump yesterday to a huge mess of ripped up egg cartons.  Fred had decided that they were fair game while we were out.  Good thing we no longer have the chickens and my supply of egg cartons isn't needed.  He has also chewed up 2 sets of really nice wooden knitting needles that were sticking out of my wool basket, and just last night he chewed up my knitting project and the bamboo needles I was using on it!  Good thing I love him so much, but still, I think Fred is going to need some 'time outs'.  
Freddie and Zoey-best buds.


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