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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Create Your Own Printable Valentines Cards!

Why give the same cards as every other kid in class when you can easily create your own unique ones?!?!  This is such a fun way to make your own cards and you can even let the kids help design them. I used PicMonkey to make these, which you can use too...for there is a free version that anyone can use!
First, open up PicMonkey in your browser.
At the top of the screen you will see several options to choose from. For this project, we are going to click on the 'Collage' tab.

You will be asked to choose a photo to start the collage with. Just chose one of theirs from the top right side, unless you have a photo you want to use in your cards.
Once you are at the create screen click on the 'layout' button on the left hand side menu.

On the top of the layouts menu is one called Ducks in a Row. Click it! The 2nd choice in from the left is a layout with 3 blocks. Choose that one.

Now you have the layout for the cards you can decide what kind of background you would like to use. On the menu there is a little picture of what looks like tags. This is the 'swatches' button. Click it!

At the top of the swatches samples you will see a drop down menu where you can choose what theme you want for the background. I chose "Sweethearts". Simply click on the background you likened drag it to the square you want it in. You can choose a different one for each square or all the same.

When you have your backgrounds all set, choose the 'Edit' button from the top menu.

Then choose to send it to the Editor.

Now you can start to create your card designs. Choose the butterfly for lots of different options. This is the 'Overlays' button. There are tons of different things you can add to your cards. 

 Below I chose the Doily Hearts overlays.

Click on a heart (or whatever you choose) and it will one in the centre of the work screen. A menu chart will also open. You can click on the little square boxes in the chart to change the colour of the design you opened. If it is a multi coloured design you can change both the colours. You can also select the 'transparent' box to make part of the design see-thru, so you see the background instead.

The corners of the design has little dots. Drag these to make the design bigger or smaller. The top dot that sticks out of the top is for turning or tipping the design. Play around and discover all the things you can do with these tools!
I played with hearts for awhile!

And characters!

See how I made the pig pink!?

And the kitty orange?!

Now I'm going to add some text to my cards. The 'Tt' is the link to the text tools and fonts.

You can use the fonts in the program, or you can choose to use the ones on your computer. This is where it is so fun to download free fonts from the internet. I show you how to do that here.

 To add text to your card, first get into the text area. Then choose a font. Click the font style, then the 'add text' box at the top of the list. Next click in the box that will open on your card. Now type! You can use the little dots on the corners to make the text bigger, smaller or turn it on an angle. You can change the font colour in the pop up menu too. Don't like the font you chose? Click anywhere outside of the text box and the dots will disappear. Then click inside the text box and it will highlight the letters in blue. Now click on another font style and your text will change. You can keep clicking on new fonts until you find the one you want. Drag the text box around and place it were you want it. Click the screen outside of the text box a few times to remove the menu and the dots. 

Now you are ready to save your cards! Hit the 'save' button on the top menu.

Name your fie and then save it.  Now you can print out as many as you want, cut them into separate cards and give them to friends and family!
It's is tons of fun to play with PicMonkey. Let the kids help design their own cards for schoolmates! Here are a few I made! I'd love to see what you come up with! Share them in the comments!

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