Friday, August 12, 2011

This morning from the deck...

After all the clouds and rain we had earlier this summer and spring, we have been enjoying day after day of gorgeous, sunny, not a cloud in the sky-type days!  The last few days brought a few black clouds that looked like they might just dump a lot of wet stuff on us. But all they did was make a few rumbles and flashes, then moved on to the north where they did in fact create some nasty weather.
This morning at 6, when I was up to make Trev breakfast and start the day, this lone cloud sat down over Link Lake looking like it had lost it's way.  In the grey haze of the new day it appeared to be a fluffy white topping on the lake.  As the sun peaked over the hills it slowly began to disappear, until at 7:15 it had disappeared altogether.  The sky is clear and the air is fresh and I have to get packed to leave this morning for 2 days of Karate Kamp with Alley and Zac!  Better get a move on!!


Getting smaller...
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  1. What a beautiful view to wake up to each day! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. How gorgeous is that! I have been wandering around your lovely blog for a bit and found these beautiful pictures. So many trees!!! living in a desert gets me very excited about anything green :-).
    thanks for brightening my day and for your lovely thoughtful comment
    lots of love


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