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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get Out The Shovel!

Here at the Little Shack, we expect and get plenty of snow every year.  Our driveway, which is steep and has a switch-back corner at the top is usually our biggest snow 'issue'.  We've dealt with the driveway in several different ways, from a plow on the ATV to buying a snow blower, as well as the first year here when our kind neighbours plowed it for us.  We have also had times when we have not been able to get the vehicles up it at all and have had to park part way up and hoof it the rest of the way, bring the snow mobile down with the skimmer/sled and bring up groceries that way.  We've adjusted, accepted, taken bets on whether we'd get up it, and are getting to the point where we are getting fed up with dealing with it each winter and thinking a move may be in order.  But, for now, we are stuck with the long winter season here and dealing with what it brings as it brings it.
Yesterday, Trev and I went in to the city to pick up some 'sale' stuff and have a day out, just the 2 of us.  It was a beautiful trip into town with lots of warm sunshine and above freezing temperatures.  We had a nice day out, and arrived home at about 8:00 that evening.  It had snowed about 6 inches the day before and Trev had not gotten around the clearing the snow off the driveway, so we knew there was no way we would get back up the driveway all the way.  We did manage to get most of the way up with sheer momentum, so it wasn't too bad.  But, little did we know the surprise that awaited us at the house!  With the warmer day, the snow which has been accumulating on the tin roof of the Shack had been sliding off, which is always exciting!  From inside the Shack, you can hear the moaning and groaning and creaking that the snow makes as it loosens and slides.  This is usually followed by a huge avalanche off the roof, leaving gigantic piles of snow to climb over to get to the front door.  This happens regularly throughout the winter. This year though, for some reason, the addition on the back of the Shack hasn't shed it's snow.  It's been piling up for 2 months and not budging.  In the past, the snow slides off, Trev blows it out of the way keeping the path open between the house and the woodshed.  Not this time!  As you can see from the photos, we have a problem!  Yesterday the snow let go and all came down at once.  Our poor old travel trailer is now trapped!  Good thing I don't need to get into it any time soon!  This is the trailer the kids and I live in while we are working in tree planting camps, so no big deal at the moment.  

Getting firewood will be more work though!  This is one big pile of snow!

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