Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Little Shack has a new look for spring!  Gone are the snowy pictures of our guest cabin and vista and bring on the flowers, birds and green, green green!!
While we are still 1/2 covered in that old white stuff, I am looking forward to when my garden will be uncovered and I can see my little hardy plants begin to wake up and feel the sunshine!  At the moment those little darlings are still under about 3-4 feet of snow.  I will eventually get impatient and grab a shovel to  dig off the last of the snow!  Happens every year without fail!  My garden is right beside the Shack and gets all the snow from the roof on top of it as well as that which naturally piles up.  It needs a little help.  
In the meantime, I am watching every day as the snow recedes from the hill and am filled with a sense of renewal! Happy Spring!!

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