Friday, August 5, 2011


View from our deck of the valley.

We've been home now for about a week, and things are getting back to normal.  There is lots to catch up on around the yard and house.  With all the rain we've had all over the province this spring and early summer, the grass had gone nuts!  It looked totally overgrown and unkempt.  The horses were down at a neighbour's place keeping their place trimmed nicely but needed to come back here to 'weed eat' our place! After a few days of constant munching things look much neater now.  It's great how they nose about and trim only the grass and weeds, leaving all the lovely daisies growing.  A good thing too, as Jordan, DD #2, is wanting a ton of them for her wedding at the end of this month!
The deck in 'the works'.

So, now I need to get stuck in and get the house up to snuff.  How did all this stuff get left undone when we left??  Next year, I'll try to get all the bits and pieces done before we leave.  I'll be back to my Flylady routines this coming week...the only way I can deal with the clutter and build up of chores I have ahead of me!  I'm hoping there will be time to enjoy sitting on the deck too.  Trev was busy working on our deck while we were away.  It had succumbed to some rot and needed to be reconstructed, as well as it has taken on a new role as the roof to our new sun room.  It is now a roof and a deck, and is in the process of being finished off with a new railing still to be installed.  I like to take my morning coffee out there, sit on the swing and enjoy the fresh new day.  We have an amazing view of the valley and lake below.  Plus, I love to listen to the birds, watch the chipmunks and squirrels go about their business and plan out my day.  Even if those plans fall least I tried!
All trimmed environmentally friendly!
Along with cleaning, renovating and trying to enjoy some summer time activities...our family also has Jordan's wedding coming up!  I am thrilled to have found my 'mother of the bride' outfit.  Who'd a thunk I'd find the perfect skirt at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Houston?!  I paid all of $1 for it!!  I've added a white tank top, crocheted shrug and a pair of Birkenstock sandals to it and I'm set!  The wedding will be held on the beach with the reception on the groom's family farm.  So, heels and fancy dresses are out!  Yay!  We'll be heading down for the celebration later this month in time to help with last minute plans and setting up.  Can't wait!!

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