Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Disneyland bound....soon!

So...the kids and I are taking a road trip to California next month.  Of course, the primary reason for the trip is to visit Disneyland, but I am equally excited to drive back on the coast, stopping at all the little shops and stops of interest that we decide we need to investigate.
I've have been surfing the web, looking for the best deals on hotels in Anaheim, tickets and such.  I'm amazed to find that the package deals are not the best deals!  I have found that by just buying the tickets from Disney's site, and searching for close, cheap hotels, I can save over $500!!  The package deal through Disney's Good Neighbour site is lots more!  So much for good neighbours.
We will be heading straight down there from home, tenting it until we get there, staying in an economy class hotel while there, and then tenting it back home.  I'm not a big fan of hotels, and prefer to sleep in my own sleeping bag on an air mattress than in a very well used bed of unknown cleanliness in a hotel.  Ewwww!  This is something we have been planning to do for years, and now, down to only 2 kids at home, I'm finally saying enough is enough!  So, we go!
The kids are excited!  I am too!  But first, we have a wedding to get done!!

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