Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wildflowers by the Tracks

Zac and I went for a wander down the railroad tracks on our 1st of 2 days off in a row.    The wildflowers have begun to bloom and I couldn't resist taking their pictures.  I love the contrast of the bright flowers against the green and greys.

I think the wild rose buds are so much prettier than any you buy at the florist.  So dainty and fragile.

These are actually the flower buds of a dainty  pale yellow flower.  I loved the cluster of  little grey heads nodding in the breeze!
Lowly, but lovely!

This bee and I met up at a large patch of wild roses.  It was very busy and had no time to stay and chat and buzzed away to another patch.
Buds and flowers.

Wandering back to camp.
I think these are a wild snap dragon.
Loon in Rose Lake.

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