Thursday, June 30, 2011

Windfirm Camp

Here are a few photos of our camp and some of the people in it!

This was our 'home sweet home' at our last camp.

The 'juice bar' and dirty dish table.

Zac doing the breakfast dishes.

This was a double rainbow, but the 2nd one was too light to show up in the picture.

The 'Internet Cafe'...or the back of the kitchen trailer.  This is our Zac, Mathieu and Chris.

Alley and Jordan.

Alley in her bathroom cleaning garb!  Talk about a 'bag lady'!! 

The spectacular mountain  view in our last camp!

Breakfast time...5:45am!

Camp dogs are a huge part of camp life....this is Jimmy.  He has one blue eye and one brown and is very sweet!


Mia..she is a French girl, so you have to give her commands in French! Ici, Mia!  Bon chien!

This is Tiombe (Tee-om-bay)...a little girl whose mom and dad both work here.  She loves to help us in the kitchen!

The kitchen and dining tent.

That's me!

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