Friday, March 13, 2015

My First Fairy Garden!

Yesterday was a very special day.  My oldest daughter, and 1st born, turned 29. I can't believe I have a 29 year old child! Where did the time go?? It seems like such a short time ago that she was born. I still have vivid memories of her birth, our stay in the hospital, bringing her home and all the trepidation of being a brand new mom with a brand new baby.  Now, after 5 babies, and into my journey as a grandparent, I'm finding that what they say about time going by faster as you get older really is true!
I wanted to make my daughter something for her special day, and have been wanting to make a fairy garden for some time, so combined the 2 wants to make my 1st fairy garden for her!
A couple of weeks ago I had found a bunch of little houses at the 2nd hand store, and on a whim, bought all of them with the intention of using them in fairy gardens.  So, I had the beginnings already.

Next, I purchased a container to build the garden in. I chose a plastic 'terra cotta' pot that is low and wide. Then, found 3 plants that would suit the 'decor'. I chose a peppermint plant and a curry plant. Then added a succulent.

I also found these little mushrooms to add.

The dollar store was a great source for the stones, sand and glass pebbles. I bought a bag of potting soil and picked the moss on one of my walks with the dogs. Here on the west coast moss is abundant in the woods.
I filled the pot with the soil and then added the plants, making sure the root balls were covered and well seated.

Next, I pulled the moss into pieces the right size to fit around the plants and tucked it in, pressing it down into the soil.

I left the part where I wanted to set up the fairy house and what I call 'the beach' bare.  This is the fun part! Adding the little house and deciding how it should all fit together is what makes it a fairy garden. I wanted my house nestled into the moss, with the front looking out onto a sandy beach with what would be the water.  I placed the house in and tucked some moss around it. The blue sand went in next, followed by the blue glass and then more blue sand. I used a dark grey sand for the beach and trickled it up the walk way of the house to tie it in. The little mushrooms, stones and brown glass were placed around the plants and moss to add interest.

I was pretty pleased with the end results. My daughter liked it too!
I have  4 more little houses still to use and am already planning out my next fairy garden.  It was such a fun little project and not at all difficult to put together.  I'll be keeping my eyes open for little bits and pieces to add to the next ones. Things like little bugs, animals, furniture, bridges....they don't have to be made specifically to use in a fairy garden. I think using things you find that aren't meant for this make it more unique and personal.  I know I've seen little glass bridges meant for a gold fish bowl or aquarium,  butterflies meant for flower arrangements, doll house furniture and accessories.  Half the fun is the search for things you can add.
I'd really love to hear about the gardens you've created. What did you use?

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