Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Living in an RV-A Tour

We've been living in our RV for couple for weeks now. And so far, we are really enjoying it. Ours is a 2008 Jayco Jayflight G2 31BHDS.

The BHDS is RV talk for Bunk House, Double Slide.  It has 2 bedrooms in it. One in the front, which is the 'master' and the other in the rear which has bunks that are in a slide out. When we were looking for our perfect RV we wanted Zac to have his own space. We didn't want to deal with a table that became a bed at night. He needed to have a room of his own.  This layout was ideal.

There are things I want to re-do in the RV....I'm not crazy about the upholstery or the wall border. But those things will have to wait till after Christmas.  I have too many projects on the go as it is!  Until then though, here is a look at our little home on wheels!
My little kitchen has everything I need close at hand.  A 3 burner propane cooktop and oven, a fridge and freezer, microwave, double sink, a wonderful pantry cupboard beside the fridge, and lots of cupboards for dishes and foodstuff.  I could do with some more counter space and have some ideas on how to achieve that.

Our oldest son, Matthew, is an artist, and painted me these wonderful chickens so I could feel like I still have a 'flock' of sorts!  I attached them using Command strips, which are an awesome way to hang things in an RV.

Here is the fridge/freezer with the pantry cupboard next to it. Next to that is a huge wardrobe cupboard.  The door is to the little bathroom complete with tub/shower, sink, toilet and medicine cabinet.  Zac's bedroom is on the right.

This is Oliver, one of our 2 cats.  He has taken to sitting on the table hoping I will give him some more treats.  We are beginning to add some Christmasy touches to the RV. I don't want to get too busy with the decorations as a small space begins to feel crowded with too many things. I will be doing some more decorating as the month progresses, and Zac and I bought some outdoor lights to put up around the trailer.  It will be very different waking up Christmas morning in the RV, but we hope the kids will still feel like it's Christmas.

Beside the dinette is the jackknife sofa which becomes a bed. I've covered it with a blanket as our 2 dogs tend to sleep on it at night and it makes it easier to keep clean. Eventually I want to sew a proper cover for it out of something I like....not brown ferns.  I also want to do something different with the window frame things. Can you spell UGLY!!??  The frames cover the blinds, which are great blinds. I'm thinking to recover the top part with something bright and cheery and replace the sides with curtains.

Our bedroom is big enough, but only just. I will be recovering the padded headboard and the window frame things in here too.  The bed is comfortable--a queen size mattress. Our bed at the Little Shack is a king and super comfy,  pretty hard to beat. But this does a good job. It would be nice to have more floor space around the bed, but we manage. If we ever purchase a new RV this will be the area I will be looking for more room in. A slide in the bedroom would be nice!

So, that's a quick little look at our home away from the Little Shack.  Do you have an RV you love? Hate? Or do you dream of living in an RV someday?  I'd love to hear about your RVs and your ideas on 'how to'!


  1. Lovely! Our last camper was a Jayco Jayflight similar to yours and we really enjoyed it.

    1. Welcome Amy! Jayco seems to make a quality product. We love ours. Are you planning on getting another RV?-Sue

  2. I bet you will have a meaningful Christmas in your RV. Your surroundings look beautiful, what more do you need than your family and a beautiful peaceful place to lay your head!

    1. Hi DD! Thanks for stopping by. You are right. All we really need is to be together. Traditions are strong in our family, but I think we'll be starting new ones this Christmas. Ones that entail not always being at home for Christmas.-Sue


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