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Friday, November 7, 2014

Give Someone a Star For Christmas!

We have friends who have a certificate and a picture of the starry sky hanging in their home. My kids have alway been fascinated by these. When they first noticed them, they of course asked about them. Our friends explained that they had a star. The wife had had a star named for her husband years ago as an anniversary present.  We always thought that was such a neat idea!
I have just recently discovered that we too can have a star named for anyone or anything. The company is called Star Registration. You can purchase a standard star for about $30, or one in a constellation or a binary star (2 stars that orbit each other, which would be an awesome wedding or anniversary gift!) Star Registration will send you a certificate....

 and a star chart....

My youngest daughter and my niece, who are not only cousins, but BFFs, are both turning 16 this month. I decided that getting them each a star would be a wonderful way to celebrate their Sweet 16s! Something they can cherish forever and look for in the night sky.
I thought that this was such a great idea, I just had to share it!

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