Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back in Tree Planting Camp.

It's been awhile since I posted...sorry!  The kids and are back in tree planting camp for the season and it was pretty hectic at the Shack prior to leaving with little time to sit and blog.  Then, our first camp was without the internet hook up as it was the companies first year with 2 camps to set up at the same time (more contracts to plant this year) and was rather crazy all around.  But, this weekend, the kids and I are off and we are spending some down time at friends in Telkwa, BC.  Tomorrow we head out to the bush again to a new camp site and will be hard at it again for a few weeks.
So far the summer is shaping up to be another fun one.  The group of planters I am cooking for are a great bunch and very appreciative.  It's very rewarding after a long day in the kitchen preparing piles of food to hear 'thanks for the great meal' over and over! Makes it all worthwhile!
Alley (my daughter, in the green apron) and my baker, Krista, in the front end of the kitchen.

Planters hanging out in the kitchen on 'pizza night'.

A cold morning.
Camp life is never boring and there is always something going on.  From waking to snow on the ground at 5am and frozen pumps, to beautiful sunrises and warm afternoons...we've had lots of weather changes already.  We are awaiting the arrival of a litter of puppies from one of the camp dogs this year, which the kids are pretty excited about!  Things are going well all around and we are enjoying camp life again.  I'm hoping to have the time to update you all from out at camp once we are all hooked up with the internet again, and keep you posted on camp happenings.


  1. Wow! How awesome that you are cooking for the whole crew! Sounds like a lot of fun!
    That looks like a descent little kitchen setup, too. :-)

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks for stopping in! I've been run ragged these past weeks with cooking, so it's been awhile since I've been to my blog...but have a few days off coming up and am hoping to update then! TTYS!

  2. How charming winter morning is! Nice blog.

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Life is pretty busy and crazy in tree planting camp, but i have a few days off coming up and will be bringing the blog up to date then. Hope you'll come back again!


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