Sunday, February 5, 2012

On My To Do List...The 'Before' Story.

I have no excuse to put off getting stuck into my total disaster of a craft room turned storage room.  It was once a usable room, although not at all finished.  Still, it has a door, 4 walls and that's about it! Which is more than I can say for the rest of the basement! It's was first Zac's room, then became my craft room when our oldest son moved out and Zac moved into his room (also unfinished).  Living in an unfinished house with too much stuff has many drawbacks.  One of which is not having a place for anything.  Hence, my "craft room" became my place to put everything and anything that did not have a proper place to go.  Very frustrating when you need something you put into that room and it is lost in the messy build up somewhere!  I have procrastinated for far too long though, and the time is now to deal with it.
So here, much to my complete and utter embarrassment, are some pictures of what I am about to tackle.
Disaster Zone!!!

  The room needs to be completely emptied, with everything packed up into totes and boxes.  I then have to store them somewhere besides the basement.  I'm hoping to sort through my craft stuff as I go and get rid of a bunch I won't use, don't need and am never going to get around to.  Then maybe there won't be so much to store!
This room will be re-constructed to be bigger.  It needs a floor, ceiling, walls, a real door...and then will need to be painted, have flooring put down and molding put up.  When all of this is done, it will be Zac's new, finished bedroom!
Zac and I have great plans for this room.  We're thinking a loft bed with a desk and storage underneath...a jungle type mural on the wall, lots of greens, leaves, bamboo... He loves dinosaurs, reptiles and Star Wars.  So we are also thinking of how to incorporate a 'space' theme too.  We'll have to see how he feels when it's time to do the fun part (decorating!).
First things first though.  Time to dive in and get it cleaned out!  If you don't hear from me soon...send a search party!


  1. I can relate to those pictures for sure because we have been renovating our house for 2.5 years! All of my scrap booking and sewing supplies were in a huge jumble in the craft room/nook. We had moved things around many times to facilitate the reno work and URGH it was a HUGE task to just get the sewing area set up. I have 2 cupboards worth of scrap booking supplies and photos to sort through and begin working on. Everything just got pitched into those cupboards to protect it all from the dust of reno work... and so it still sits 2.5 years later!

    1. Oh gosh...we ARE in the same boat! It's frustrating having all of my wonderful projects in such disarray and being totally unable to use them! But, we must persevere! Never say never! Onwards and upwards! lol! I'm exhausted already!


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