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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hooded Scarf in the works!

Over the summer, while cooking for the tree planters, my 2nd eldest daughter, Jordan, and I each began to knit hooded scarves.  One of our planters, a sweet French Canadian girl named Kate, showed up on the chilly mornings wrapped in a beautiful thick scarf.  Sometimes she would have it up over her head as well.  Both Jordan and I commented on it to each other, and then asked her where she had found such a lovely item.  She showed it to us and we were hooked!  It was a scarf with a hood attached in the middle, and wrapped so cozily around the neck and shoulders.  We began our web search for one like it to make ourselves.  We found many patterns on knitting and crocheting websites that were called hooded scarves or something like that, but it took some time before we found the one we wanted.  The website we eventually found it on is called Ravelry . It is a free site for crocheters and knitters where you can find tons of patterns from other sites.  Once you join you have a place to save your favorite patterns, contribute, join groups and discussions....lots of stuff.  It's a whole community!  You can search for patterns and get piles of responses to choose from!
Anyhoo...I picked up some lovely yarn in Smithers to get started on mine, and not having a whole lotta time, didn't get very far with it. With winter now upon us, I would like to be wearing my hooded scarf, but, alas, it is not done!  So, I am motivated to get it completed by Christmas and then get on with other projects.  I have 3 hours each week where I sit and watch Alley and Zac at their karate classes, plus, a few hours in front of the tv.  I figure I can get it done in there somewhere.  It's a very easy pattern, so not a lot of following of instructions.  I'm thrilled with the way the yarn is looking in the scarf, and can't wait to wear it!  Here are some photos of my project thus far!

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