Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the Road...Again

So much for resting up!  After a couple of weeks of time at home...the longest we've had since May...we are travelling again.  Alley and I are heading North to our trapline on the Yukon border with the 3 cats.  Zac and Trev have been there for a couple of weeks now with Zoey, the dog.  They headed up on their own this year as our pet sitters were away and we were pet sitting for them, while waiting for their return to 'sit' for us.  It's not so easy to find sitters with horses and chickens!  We trade sitting and this time our holidays crossed!  So, Alley and I stayed behind to fill in the gap.  But, we are now into our 3rd day of driving and will be with Trev and Zac on Saturday.  I'm looking forward to getting out to the cabin and having a chance to relax. 
This year we'll be able to stay a little more in contact with family as it seems Watson Lake has gotten cell service that reaches our cabin!  Which is pretty amazing as we are out in the middle of no where!  Granted, you have to stand on the cabin roof to get a signal, but it will be nice to be able to send a text to my kids!  We have been using a really cool devise to send messages ( a prewritten 'we're fine' message via email) to family while out there, just so they know everything is ok.  This handy gadget is called a Spot.  It is a great thing to have if you are like us and spend a lot of time 'out of contact' with the world.  It sends off messages to a satelite which in turn sends an email letting people know all is well or that you need help, but it's not an emergency, or an urgent 911 message which goes to an emergency response centre.  It's been great knowing that in an emergency we can get help right to where we are. Thankfully, we've only had to send the 'we're fine' messages!  
Today, we have a few things to pick up, and a stop at the bank to try to clear up some problem of their making with a transfer from my account to??? It never made it to where it was supposed to go!  Hopefully it will be cleared up before we head out to the cabin Saturday.  Time to get this show on the road, so I'm off!  TTYS!

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