Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is here!

Don't you just love that feeling of 'fall' in the air?  It hits me every year just how much I enjoy that crispness in the air, the leave's colours and the anticipation of snow!  If asked which season I like the most, I would be hard pressed to pick one.  Each season brings it's own delights.  Fall energizes me to get things finished.  The yard needs to be 'put to bed' and I think of projects that can be worked on while winter does it's worst.
Today was to be a day for getting some things done trimmed down, tools put away, firewood stacked...but, as happens in fall, a beautiful sunny day is followed by a very wet one.  So, today is dedicated to getting the house cleaned and organized.  After being away for 2 1/2 weeks, with my hubby here (who couldn't care less about things being a mess) the place is pretty much a disaster zone.  There was no time on arriving home to get things cleaned up, as fall is the time we head for our trapline in Northern BC.  Due to our house/pet sitters being away on a cruise and needing us to watch their house/pet, we had to be creative with our plans this year.  Alley and I have remained here until our sitters return, while Trev and Zac headed north a couple of days ago.  Trev had been getting things packed up and ready for him and Zac to head out soon after our return, which added to the mess in the house.  So, now it falls upon Alley and I to get things back to their semi-clean and organized state.  We started off yesterday taking a car load of stuff to the Salvation Army store in Kelowna yesterday and spent a bit of time Christmas shopping.  Now we deal with the mess.
I found some really neat organization ideas online, and am hoping to be able to use them in the basement at a later date.  Take a look at this one for all those totes we buy to store things in, but which can get awkward to store.

This looks really easy to put together and inexpensive too!  Check it out!
Well, can't put it off any longer...the mess won't take care of itself! TTYL!

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