Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bridal Shower!

My oldest daughter, Morgan, mother to my darling granddaughter, Taylor, worked very hard to throw a bridal shower for her sister before the wedding.  I was so impressed with all the neat things she did to make it special for Jordan, the bride to be.  One of the decorating ideas was so simple and yet so effective I just had to share!  These are made from coloured tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  They are big pom poms or flowers like the kind you make to decorate wedding cars.  Only these ones are really BIG!!  She hung them from the trees and grape vines in my Mom's lovely backyard and they looked amazing!  Here are the directions...Pom Poms
And here are some pictures of them at the shower!
Hanging from the old apple tree.

From an arbor.

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