Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grandbaby #2 On The Way!

Giant granny square baby blanket in bright fun colors. Shown in Bernat Baby Blanket.
This is the pattern I'm doing!

I'm on my way in the morning to Campbell River with Alley and Zac to be there for the arrival of my 2nd grandbaby!  My oldest daughter, Morgan, and her husband, Ryan, are due any day now with their 2nd.  Taylor, their first, is now 4 1/2, and after 2 years of chemo is cancer free!  You can read about her here.  We, here at the Little Shack, are pretty excited to meet the next arrival!  Will it be boy or a girl?  It'll be a surprise!  In the meantime, I'm busy getting a crocheted sweater finished for Taylor and a blanket made for the new little one. I chose to make the blanket in yellow and white and will add a border of either blue or pink when he/she arrives.  I'm using a lovely soft yarn from Bernat called, appropriately, Baby Blanket.  I'm using a pattern from their website as well.  If you like to keep your hands busy with knitting or crocheting like I do, this is a great site to check out for ideas and patterns.

For now, I'm off to get packed up, clean the house and get 5 of my chickens ready to travel as well,  Yes, I did say "travel".  5 of my hens are moving to the Island to live with my 2nd oldest daughter, Jordan, and her husband Daniel.  We are downsizing here at the Little Shack.  With spending 5 months of the year away from the Shack now, we are finding it is silly to have horses and chickens that need to be taken care of by someone else while we are away.  So, this spring, before we head for tree planting camp, the horses will be going to a new home, and the chickens to Jordan and Dan.  I am going to miss them all very much, but it just makes more sense.  I'll take 1/2 my hens now and 1/2 in April when we make another trip to Campbell River.  So, it'll be a slower release of my girls.
Well, that's a quick update of the goings on here at the moment.  I'll be back in a few days to let you know how things are going!

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  1. How exiting! Congrats on your almost new arrival.
    Traveling with chickens sounds interesting. We just got 11 laying hens so I'm excited about having fresh eggs. I'm sure I'll be sharing with anyone who will take some eggs... I'll be known as the crazy egg lady... want some eggs? LOL!


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