Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Death of a Dishwasher's not dead...yet.  But it sure is making a lot of noise!  Each day, the beast is filled with the days dirty dishes, and then, either first thing in the morning, or last thing at night it is set running.  It's never been a great machine.  We bought it at our local Sears catalogue store after we moved into the Shack.  There was a machine in the Mickey Moused kitchen which the previous owners said wasn't much good...but we never expected it to spew water out the sides of the door when we ran it!!  We had wondered why there was a stick in the kitchen!  It was used to wedge between the island and the dishwasher door to keep it closed tight!

So, our first improvement in the Shack had been a new dishwasher.  Of course, not anywhere near the 'top of the line' model.  Not even close!  It was probably the cheapest one they sold.  And like they say -"You get what you pay for".  The dishes have to be rinsed off completely before being loaded in, and there is usually a few that need to be scrubbed and re-washed.  Annoying, yes, learn to deal with these inconveniences.
Now, I'm faced with a choice.  Do I start looking for a new dishwasher, something of a better quality.  Or...and here is the crux of the I forgo the edict of society and do without one?  
It's not doing the dishes that is a problem for's more having a place to stash them after they are used and before they are washed that I like.  I hate a sink full of dirty dishes cluttering up my kitchen!  It's so nice to be able to rinse them off and stick them in the dishwasher til later.

It would also be nice to be able to use the space the dishwasher takes up for another cupboard.  My kitchen is small and having another storage space would be wonderful!  When we installed the new kitchen we chose to use an Ikea one (love it!) and it can easily be added to.  So, I could potentially add big drawers or shelves in the space. 'Sigh'...what to do?
I'm not sure how long I'll have to ponder this dilemma.  The D.W. is really loud!  It's making the most frightful squeals and whirs. But, it's still doing the same substandard job of the dishes.  It could go on like this for some time, or it could pack it in tomorrow.  Who knows?
I guess I'll deal with it when it happens.  Now, what is that noise coming from the laundry room?  Could it be the washing machine is on the slow decline as well?  Do these things always happen in 3s??!!


  1. Our dishwasher makes loud noises too! Leaves dishes dirty -I hate it, wish it would die! LOL!
    Our washing machine is 15 years old. My hubby is handy and can fix anything, he put a new timer in it and it will probably last another 15 years - (((sigh))) I really wanted a pretty new one. Thinking about painting these! The tops have rusty spots etc... never can figure out a way to make them look pretty. Anyway, that is my dishwasher washing machine rant for today!
    BYW- I couldn't live without either one! 6 of us wearing clothes and eating food off dishes! Sometimes I am drowning in laundry and dishes. How on earth did moms manage back in the day???
    Have a blessed day Sue!!!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. Lol! Yes, Sherry, I too fall asleep at night and dream of new appliances. I gotta get out more! But really! Those red upright model washer/dryer combos have me doing the 'I want! I want!' dance! I live without a washer and dryer when we live at the trapline for 2 months in the fall...(then I wash with a toilet plunger, wring by hand, hang to dry.) And also do dishes by hand there, (while conserving water because I have to haul it uphill from the lake!) I do remember the days when I didn't have a dishwasher though. I was well into married life and motherhood by then and I remember it being a huge deal to finally get a portable one. With our family sized 7 then it was a big time saver. But, now we just have the youngest 2 at home and they are old enough to chip in, and do, with chores. So, I'm still up in the air about the whole thing. Maybe there will be a wonderful sale on when it finally breaths (squeals) it's last load!!
    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your appliance woes!


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