Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dreaming of a Finished Basement...

love this- had to show you!!
Love this!!

Since moving into the Shack, just over 4 years ago, we have been doing all kinds of projects.  First came the guest cabin, then the kitchen and flooring.  Since then we have built a chicken coop and woodshed, a horse shelter and various other structures.  We've done fencing, cleared brush, cut lots of firewood and tackled many other tasks.  But, the basement has always been the 'thorn in my side'.
Moving into a 1 bedroom house with 3 kids was not the smartest thing we've ever done, but we had plans.  The basement was completely open with absolutely nothing done in the way of finishing.  The previous owners (who were also the builders) were kidless and, I have come to realize....lazy.  They got the house to the stage of being livable, and then stopped.  They never put up trim, or laid flooring over the plywood subfloor.  They had built a 'Mickey Mouse' kitchen and were content to let it stay that way for 16 years.  Then they split up.  We came along, desperate to find a house in a week (all the time the RCMP allows us to househunt) and not having many options in this area, we bought the Little Shack.  Of course, we knew it was going to be a lot of work, but the list grew longer and longer and some things which should have been left til later, got seen to sooner.  And during all the other projects, the basement space was needed, but never 'done'.  We are down to 2 kids at home now, and they have been extremely patient with us.  Their rooms are in the basement, but they are far, far, far from finished.  In fact, they were basically thrown up so they could have a 'space' to call their own.  They have walls which are just the studs with one side covered with plywood, no flooring, no ceiling and no doors.  Poor kids.  They have managed(with help) to make them into comfortable 'rooms' where they can at least play and escape.
This is all about to end.  This spring, when the kids and I head off for our 3 months of working in tree planting camp, we will be hiring a builder to come in and do the job of finishing the basement.  Our plan was to do it ourselves, and parts of it will still be DIY... but we have decided that paying someone else to do the dirty work is the best way to get this job done.  It takes the pressure off my hubby, who is overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done, and it gives me 'an end in sight.'  This decision has relieved so much stress!  I felt like every time I had to go down into the basement I got depressed.  It was a huge job and almost impossible to see done.  I am so excited that it will finally be getting the attention it needs!
I have been gathering ideas for the fun part of designing and finishing the basement.  There are so many lovely ideas out there and I am hoping to be able to incorporate some of them into our new and much improved basement.  Here are a few ideas!
Intelligent use of space.
Isn't this awesome!!
Good idea for under the stairs.
Another great under the stairs idea!
Stairway to basement.
Thinking this would work!
Stenciled Stairs
This is a really a neat idea..stencils! Simple to do and not expensive. 
Great colours!
Alley's room colours!
The basement will also include a family room, which will be used mainly for tv watching.  I'm thinking a sectional...but don'tcha love that coffee table!!
2 sinks would be a good for each of the kids!

Zac's Rm??
Zac would love a loft bed in his room!

The basement needs to be completely emptied and all existing walls removed before the kids and I leave.  My current project of getting the my craft room (another thrown together room) sorted and stored is under way.  The problem of the moment is where to put all 'the stuff' while the basement is worked on.  Looks like we won't be using the cabin for guests anytime will be where we store all the kids and family room furniture and 'stuff'.  There is lots of work to do before the transformation can begin...but I'm eager to get to it and see this basement become a real part of our home.


  1. Beautiful ideas! Great blog:) You are after my very heart! One day I hope to have a shack on the hill:) Thanks for the follow! Now following back! Stop by and link up to Finally Friday! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me with that very inspirational story of yours. I appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can't wait to see your finished basement and I bet it will be more awesome than these pics! Good luck and have fun! Let's be in touch!


  3. I am in love with the stairs painted like books. Putting it on my list of wishes, it would be great for my stairs. :)

  4. The basement was completely open with absolutely nothing done in the way of finishing.Nice blog about the finished basement

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