Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's up!!

Here is our tree last had to drip dry before we could put on the lights and get it decorated.   We also discovered this morning that our very sturdy tree stand must have gotten a crack in it somehow.  As we were pulling the towels out from underneath, we realized that the water on the floor was coming from under the stand!  Oh no!!  We are hoping that by putting the entire stand into a heavy duty garbage bag it will not leak and we can still give the poor tree enough water each day to keep it green til after New Years Eve.  Guess what I'll be shopping the after Christmas sales for.  That, and another string of lights.  A nasty  pack rat chewed through all my tree lights this fall and I had to buy new ones.  I bought 3 boxes of 100 lights, but I think another 100 would be nice.

 It took all day to get it done and get the remnants cleaned up and put away til the season is over.  It is 11 feet tall and I was up and down the ladder many, many times!  It looks so pretty, and the house smells like Christmas now!  I think we are just about ready!

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