Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Extreme Trailer Makeover

We are only days away from leaving the little shack on the hill for 3 months of living in an older travel trailer while working at a tree planting camp.  I'll be cooking for 48-80 hungry tree planters, while daughter #2, Jordan, will be the baker.  Alley and Zac will be with us, and helping out where they are able.  
We acquired our trailer from some folks who used it to live in while building their home...which they finished 10 years ago.  This trailer sat in a semi-enclosed structure, unused, except by a few mice (one of which we found deceased in the oven) for years, until via the grapevine, they heard we were looking for a trailer. Hubby, Trevor, hauled it home, and it sat all winter waiting to be 'looked into' when it warmed up.  Well, spring has been slow in coming here this year, and it has taken us awhile to get motivated to deal with the years of dust, dirt and debris.  But, after a week of attention, it is looking pretty spiffy..on the inside at least!  We've vacuumed, bleached, washed, wiped, painted, re-floored, sewed curtains and cushion covers, and Trev has dealt with all the propane/electrical stuff.  We now have a cozy little home on wheels (new ones!) and are ready to start packing our gear into all the cubbies and closets.  While we are in camp, if we have any spare time, we plan to repaint the exterior and add some unique images to it's sides.  I bought some solar fairy lights after Christmas and we'll add those to the outside once we are situated in camp.  I even bought a couple of stainless planters from my favorite store, Ikea, to plant some pansies in.  I'll miss my garden this summer, but at least will have a wee bit of colour to look at while sitting outside (in a bug tent, 'cause the bugs are crazy in the north!). Still time to get a few more things done today, so I'm off to start loading the trailer! Happy trails!

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