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Monday, March 2, 2015

Make An Easy Decorative Bottle or Jar

Many years ago, my Granny used to make these really cool bottles covered with masking tape and then rubbed with shoe polish.

They were wonderful for putting flowers in, both dried and fresh.  Or on their own just as a decorative container.  I remembered these bottles and containers the other day while washing out an empty jar.  I decided to give it a try. I actually Googled it and discovered it was a craft that was created back in the 70's and was called a 'leather covered bottle'.  Now, back then, Google was unheard of and home computers were still years away. So, I have no idea where my Gran learned how to do this, but she was an extremely creative person.  She sewed Barbie clothes for my sister and I, pressed flowers and used them to make cards.  She worked as a volunteer with handicapped adults in a facility where they made all kinds of crafts to sell. She made beautiful leather appliqu├ęd wall hangings and used twigs and felt to make little people sculptures.  She was such a wonderful Granny.
Now, I'm sharing with you her lovely bottle craft.
First, you need a container of some kind. It could be a bottle from pickles, wine or jam. Maybe a plastic peanut butter jar? Or any container you like!

Then, you need a roll of masking tape and some shoe polish. I chose a brown and a black polish.  That's it!
You can cut or tear the tape into pieces. I chose to tear as it gives a more varied look. All you do is tear the tape and stick it onto the container! You can do this while watching TV, it takes very little concentration.  Keep sticking the tape pieces onto the container, overlapping, going up and over the lip, on the bottom, all over. If your container has a label, just put it on thicker there. Vary the direction of the tape, and add where you think it needs more.

Once your container is completely covered, it is time to rub on the polish. Get a rag and start rubbing on the shoe polish. You can keep adding coats to make it darker. Once it is the colour you want,  give it a buff with a clean rag. The bottle on the left was done with a combination of brown and then back, while the one on the right is just black.

I added some jute string because I love it on everything!! You can added all kinds of embellishments to yours.
There you have it! I'd love to see and hear about your containers and how you used them.

I used just the brown polish on this wine bottle version.

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