Monday, April 15, 2013

Green Onions Forever!

I don't usually buy green onions.  They aren't something I use very often.  But, when my in laws stopped in at the Shack for an overnight stay, my MIL asked if she could make us wonton soup.  She had been making it fairly often and was eager to share some with us.  Not cook!?  Sure!!  So, they arrived with all the necessary ingredients and she made us a delicious meal!
After they had gone, I realized that she had left any perishable ingredients in my fridge for us to use.  One of these was a bag of green onions.  I had seen on Pinterest that you could re-grow green onions in water and continue to 'harvest' them as you needed.  Well, being a homeschooling mom, I decided we should do an 'experiment' with these and try it out!
So, here is what our green onions looked liked on March 29th.

I snipped the dry tops off of them, and the majority of the 'roots'.  I've been adding fresh water every few days, dumping the old when it gets murky and refilling it.
Now, here is what they look like today,  2 weeks later!

 Check out those roots! Lots of growth!   I've been snipping off a piece here and there and using it in scrambled eggs, salads, stir fries...and loving it!  This was such a success, we decided to try it with celery as well.  This is after only a few days and already the centre is re-growing!

It probably won't be as useful as the green onions, as we need a lot more celery than what one little crop can produce, unless of course we go into high production and set up a whole window sill of them!  But, that's not going to happen, so we'll just have to keep buying it.
So, there you go!  An easy way to keep your household supplied with fresh green onions and all it costs is what you'll pay for the first bunch!!  And hey!  It didn't even cost me that, 'cause MIL supplied them!


  1. We did that too with the onions. If you don't change the water regularly, you will be looking for a dead rat somewhere... I'm not saying that's what we did ;-).
    I didn't know you homeschooled. Awesome! We do too.

  2. Hey Sherry! Lol! In the Shack it would be more likely we'd be looking for a dead mouse or squirrel! Freddie (one of our dogs) managed to sneak a dead squirrel into the house one rainy evening and I found it on his bed just before turning in for the night. Yuk! I have no idea where he found it, but it was disgusting! But, yes, the water does get murky in the onions jar, so I keep changing it and haven't had the pleasure of an odor yet!

  3. I will definitey try this... thanks

  4. Hello! I found your blog on No Ordinary Blog Hop :)

    Love this idea!! I'm going to have to try it!


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